Robin Patin, CFP®, CPWA®

Robin Patin, CFP®, CPWA®


What's your why?


I’m the daughter of a school teacher and a truck driver. I watched my parents handle money – sometimes successfully and sometimes not. This brought me to the career I enjoy today as a Wealth Manager.

Growing up we were solidly middle class – there was no wealth to manage. I’m an immigrant to this world of wealth and along the way, I reflected on my family’s experiences with money and wondered how much my family would have benefited from a good relationship with a financial advisor.

I love my work. I genuinely like the people I serve and want to offer them my very best when I show up each day. I work with a select group clients. I want to know who you are and know your story when I pick up the phone and you’re on the other end. I’ve celebrated with clients at weddings, births, and new careers and cried with clients at deaths and difficult news. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m a Certified Financial Planner™ and I am a Certified Private Wealth Advisor®. I actively seek opportunities for continuing education to best serve my clients.


You’ll like me if :

  • You want a Wealth Manager that will pick up the phone and talk to you even during difficult times.
  • You’re looking for a thought partner that can answer questions and bring solid recommendations.
  • Your favorite line is “just speak to my accountant/estate lawyer/business law specialist.” I do this all the time with clients and love to partner with professionals.
  • You manage family money – I know family can be challenging. I’ve had many “superfamilies” and handled the intricacies around wealth.
  • You want someone who won’t bring problems – but will instead bring you solutions. Everything can be figured out.
  • You don’t mind a broken record. I’ll remind you to update your estate plan or rebalance your portfolio. You’ll eventually do it – in a way that you’ll feel good about it.
  • You need someone that is low pressure – I never push people to a solution they’re not comfortable with.

So let’s talk. You can email me at We can set up a conversation so I can learn more about you and your situation and tell you about myself

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